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All Women Deserve To Get Educated

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All Women Should Get Educated

Education is the key to sustaining the society. The world is a very dynamic place and everything from social, political, environmental as well as economic revolves and thrives on the power of intellect. Any sector whether formal or informal demands at least basic education to undertake the necessary processes. Knowledge is not only based on the financial aspects to be gained after acquisition of the education but also play a crucial role in offering gratification and a sense of self achievement. Education is part and parcel of our lives and is here to stay.

Women seem to be left out in the arena of education as clearly observed in the world round us. The woman should be encouraged to be at the forefront in the matters of edification. The gender balance tips the scales in favor of men especially in the developing countries, this has left women wallowing in the back seat as their male counterparts continuously scale through the heights of education and keep a tight grip on the top jobs in the social ladder. The women are left stuck in the world of oblivion yet the world demands of intellect continue to escalate. Women should make it a priority to pursue education so as to better their lives as well as that of the society. The truth of the matter is whether it is a talent based vocation or a hobby based job opportunity, an education will always be the glue that binds the transactions.

An education acts as a booster or stimulant to the woman’s ego. It creates self awareness thus the woman becomes more empowered. Women Empowerment should become clich√© in the intellectual sector as more women pursue higher learning. This prepares the woman to face-off with the opposite gender in all sectors of the economy as well as taking leadership roles in the community. Though the world is deemed to offer equal opportunities, a woman needs to work twice as hard as a man for the same job. A leadership role held by a woman will encourage other women to have dreams and vision to better their lives, the leader also serves as a mentor as well as a role model to the young girls.

It would be wrong to kill a lady’s dream due to lack of tuition fee. Their many opportunities available to a determined woman who is willing to go against all odds and acquire advanced knowledge. The government and other private entities offer grants to bright minds.Some scholarships as well as bursaries are gender specific hence targeted for women. This offers the best avenues for a woman to pursue higher education. The grants come as full scholarships or partial bursaries. Private entities also offer student loans that are very flexible, have long periods of repayments coming with low interest rates.

College scholarships for women are accessible and available through local educational organizations as well as accessing information via the internet or through referrals by family and friends. An age old adage states ‘yard by yard life is hard, inch by inch life is Cinch’. Despite the odds, higher education through grants and bursaries is the best way women can access knowledge in institutions of higher learning.

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Educational Grants for Women

As the world continues to progress, the need for higher education continues to increase day by day. The dream of equal opportunity for both men and women is becoming a reality as more women pursue higher education in universities. This has seen more women position themselves in the high seats of the society thus playing a major role in management, administration as well as leadership roles. Initially, higher education was left as a preserve of the financially able, this situation has undergone great changes as the government, private organizations and multinational corporations chip in to aid the educational sector.

The financial aid offered by these institutions enable students to seek higher education though lacking the finances to cover the cost of tuition, learning material or cost of upkeep. Financial grants or bursary is derived from a company’s profit, private donations or from trust funds. Their many types of grants for women, this vary in terms of source of the educational grant, type of discipline to be funded as well as the requirements needed to qualify for the grant.

Some grants are very specific to the field of study, race, religion or gender. Gender based scholarship in favor of women are very common in a bid to encourage more women to pursue higher education. Examples of grants include the following:

Private Education grants: These scholarships are offered by the private firms and not by the government or the school itself. This may form part of company’s corporate social responsibility. The grants are issued based on academic merit, academic performance or career goals. The grant may be paid directly to the school or through the student. Some company’s require the student to offer services to the company during school breaks as well as having the student sign a contract to work for the company after completion of study.

Government Sponsorship: this aid comes from the government kitty and is available only to its citizens. It comes from the tax payers’ money and is the most common. It covers a wider scope but is very competitive as it combines both merit as well as financial need.

Adult education grants: This grant is directed at mature people who are pursuing post graduate studies. It does not include undergraduate studies. It is normally offered to correspondence or distance learning program and not a full time stay on campus mode of study. It is issued by educational institutions, charity organisations, private citizens as well as the government and is paid directly to the school.

Academic scholarships: this are based on merit thus to qualify, one needs to have exemplary performance in academics.

Talent based scholarships: The grants look to further a student’s education based on the applicants talent and sports prowess. Though based on sports and talents, their is always a minimum GPA score required so as to qualify.

Hardship grants are offered to students who are struggling financially. The financial status is reviewed and investigated by relevant authorities to ascertain the real situation.

To access the grants, a woman contacts the local college or university, student finance aid office or an educational counselor and is provided with the type of scholarship available, the qualification needed, application timeline and the required documentation.

If you’re a woman who would like to go back to school, you should not let anything or anyone stop you.¬† You deserve a bright future.

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Nursing Scholarships for Women

As the population continues to increase one thing is certain, the people will require more medical attention and treatment. The increasing number of people is simultaneously contributing to an increase in ailments especially lifestyle diseases that are attributed to poor work life balance. These ailments are caused by poor nutrition, lack of physical exercises, too much ‘potato couching’ and laziness as well as an upsurge in social vices such as excessive smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages blamed on the increasing pressures of life. To cater for the above issues definitely require the services of highly skilled nurses. Their is already evidence showing an increasing demand for nursing as more developed countries continue to outsource for nurses from the developing world.

Nurses are all rounded medical practitioners, they work in any medical field hence the nurse can be a chiropractic, orthopedic, surgical, pediatric, dental, orthodontist nurse etc. The diseases are becoming more sophisticated and more immune to conventional medicine thus newer and better techniques are needed to counter the constant attacks. This makes it necessary for the nurses to go back to school and further their skills as well as upgrade to newer and better healing methodologies. Without doing so the whole society is at risk of having a stagnated nursing industry that still employs obsolete and ineffective treatment. This will make the new crop of diseases that have mutated and become drug resistant a thorn in the flesh.

Furthering the nursing career through a higher education in form of a higher postgraduate diploma, a master’s degree, a postgraduate degree or the highly coveted PhD makes the nurse specialized in a given area hence have a mastery to deal with any chronic case. Good health is what ensures continuity and succession of a population. This is the reason Governments and private corporations encourage more nurses to enroll for advanced education knowing very well that if they don’t do so , their biggest asset that is human resource will be under threat. The institutions offer scholarships as an incentive to the nurses to further their intellectual knowledge.

The scholarships or grants are offered by the government run institutions as well as private corporations. The nurses are allowed to work and at the same time pursue education through correspondence, distance learning or evening classes. The nurses are allowed to take educational time off occasionally to carry out research as well as do their medical projects while still enjoying their monthly allowances. Leading hospitals have in house training facilities, nursing staff can take advantage of the availability of this service to improve and advance their education.

Government as well as private institutions are available in the market offering nursing grants. These include the ministry of health or medical services which always sets aside some funds to cater for scholarships. The money comes from the exchequer, grants from multinational corporations as well as foreign governments. Private firms have established foundations in the region with the main goal being offering grants. A university programs coordinator as well as a hospitals career counselor will offer information on scholarships available in the medical field.

A well educated nursing industry is a surety to a healthy society.